Tee Pee Records Releases “Live From Mad Oak Studios”

LIVE AT MAD OAK STUDIOS: 2010 would prove to be a very rewarding, but also very trying and tumultuous year for the band, ultimately leading toward a near break-up and subsequent member exit. At the beginning of the year the band was still breaking-in Alex, releasing Vol.1 through King Yum, and getting ready to undertake a 5-week tour that would go down as easily their craziest. The running joke was that the band went on tour to promote an unreleased album, and that proves accurate. Township saw the LIVE AT MAD OAK STUDIOS opportunity as a chance to get down the LIFE STARTS TONIGHT songs with Alejandro on them (not on the studio version and had added quite a lot to them), hype up the Greatest Hits album, and show others (and ourselves) that we were ready to enter a new, take-no-prisoners phase. Read more on teepeerecords.com/blogs/tee-pee-annex