The life of a rock band is measured in dog years.

Maybe that’s a good metaphor with all the primal urges that govern its actions.

Township celebrated their 9th year on the planet in 2015 and the last couple have marked some beautiful progressions – the addition of fifth member James Rohr on keys and the welcoming of their 5th full length album, Light Years. Chipping away for the better part of 3 years, the album brings forth a bigger, more focused Township than ever before.

Township finally grew up, for lack of a better term, or at least got a handle on those urges and focused them to a much more creative and fulfilling result.

The rock remains in spades – How could it not?! But the sounds are more expansive and the shows a mix of cosmos and sweat.

A different band, maybe. A better band, definitely. Township took a big step forward into the beyond – the strangely familiar and the familiarly strange.