Township, AKA The Family Township, is a band. Formed in the Fall of 2005, they took to the stage April 12, 2006 and never looked back. With an unyielding desire to make honest rock and roll that honors their forebears yet belongs to none other, The Family Township remains true to that credo. In fact, they have never wavered. Township is a band. A love of dual electric guitars, monster bass, driving drums, perfectly placed keys, and soaring, screeching (and other avian descriptors) vocals are heard in all their dynamic glory on every single, EP, LP and stage. As the cliche says, it’s in their soul – in this case, mingled with all the humor and horror of life on Earth. And as souls of a similar sort do, they find each other. And when they do, they do what they do. Because they have to. Township is a band.

Township finally grew up, for lack of a better term, or at least got a handle on those urges and focused them to a much more creative and fulfilling result.

The rock remains in spades – How could it not?! But the sounds are more expansive and the shows a mix of cosmos and sweat.

A different band, maybe. A better band, definitely. Township took a big step forward into the beyond – the strangely familiar and the familiarly strange ☻