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One More Summer

  • 1. Aces Over Eights
  • 2. Golden Light
  • 3. The Tooth and The Razor
  • 4. All Your Stufff
  • 5. Warrior Chief
  • 6. One More Summer
  • 7. Garden Of Our Love
  • 8. Forces Of Evil
  • 9. Pushing Metal to Bone
  • 10. Arrow
  • 11. Endless Bummer


  1. Nice job at Charlie O’s. As a fellow Les Paul player, I want to say that you guys play Les Paul’s the way they are meant to be played. Loved the p90’s and the vintage effects, especially the Memory Man. I had one of those years ago. I will try and see you very chance I get and spread the word.

    • Hey Buddy,

      John the bass player here, I agree with you, Marc and Alex do play them the way they were meant to be played! Good eye on deciphering the pedalboards. We all dig and play vintage amps, pedals, drums, you name it. Marc’s Les Paul is a 78′ and Alex’s Les Paul Special is a 75′. Thanks for spreading the word, we’ll be back at the O’s in September. We can can talk gear!
      Hope to see you there!


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